Cost Analysis for Multi-use High Rise


A life sciences and bio pharmaceutical firm designed a prototype high rise facility to house existing operations as well as host a variety of clinical trials and supporting laboratories in a collaborative setting with a nonprofit American academic medical center. They were seeking the capability to assess their capital cost basis and also delineate aspects of their investments that might be eligible for accelerated depreciation, (cost segregation).


The project required cost analysis to both inform a pro-forma for leasing and improving space while also tracking scope and cost that was eligible for accelerated depreciation. All costs needed to be auditable to construction agreements and their respective payment applications.


Beam used BIM and project cost data to provide pro-forma and capital cost values. This approach also documented what expenditures were eligible for accelerated depreciation. By understanding end user requirements and working collaboratively with the design and construction teams, Beam fulfilled cost analysis for capital planning, leasing, and accelerated depreciation.