Bringing critical thinking and process optimization to projects

Our team has collective experience in program management, design, construction, commissioning, maintenance, and operations.

Michael Ruiz, Founder

Michael Ruiz has focused on harnessing the power of relationships and collaboration within dynamic teams to optimize large and complex and integrated projects. He has successfully facilitated teams and led focus groups to establish the means and methods of using technology, lean, and sustainable principles in design, construction, and operations. These experiences made him an early adopter of design and construction technologies and subsequently an advocate of virtual design and construction in manufacturing and construction, leveraging associated tools, successfully realizing that project delivery and achieving intended results on large scale multi-team projects. 

Mike Briggs, Founder

Mike Briggs' experience spans supply chain, construction, maintenance, compliance, operations, consulting, and leadership of global organizations. In all cases he has witnessed how information has enabled beneficial change. His vision is to provide owners and operators with the information they need to make the best decision to advance their endeavors and unleash innovation. He sees the construction industry as particularly in need of advancement, with tremendous pent up value awaiting data infused innovation. As a veteran of supply chain advancement, he understands that the pathway to the improved flow of goods and money is paved with information.