Connecting project information.

We support improved information strategies, processes, and uses for the construction and supply chain industries.

Facility owners & operators

Strategically linking designers, builders, and supply chains for owners allows for better project outcomes. Through clear directives to project teams, facility owner and operator goals can be clearly articulated and achieved.

General contractors

Virtual design and construction allows general contractors and their trade partners to plan, quantify, cost, and schedule work on construction projects. Bridging construction-side activities to the owner, design team, suppliers, and trade partners, enables better project outcomes. Scope, schedule, and budget transparency builds trust.

Manufacturers & supply chain

Developing connections between design and the supply chain provides for a higher level of certainty in construction planning, approvals, logistics, and installation.


Building information modeling adoption by planners, architects, and engineers has reached a tipping point. Optimizing digital projects for owners' specific requirements, enables innovation in project delivery, space management, asset tracking, and communications to other stakeholders in the life cycle.