Beam brings critical thinking, strategy and process development to elucidate advancement
We deliver beneficial change; having planned, designed, constructed, delivered, and maintained buildings and operations globally. While formulating direction, understanding means, and managing resources, Beam illuminates potential and supports change.
The Beam team
Michael Ruiz has focused on harnessing the power of relationships and collaboration within dynamic teams to optimize large and complex and integrated VDC projects. Michael has successfully facilitated teams and led focus groups to establish the means and methods of using technology, lean, and sustainable principles in design, construction, and operations. These experiences made him an early adopter of VDC technologies and subsequently an advocate of VDC in manufacturing and construction, leveraging associated tools, successfully realizing that project delivery and achieving intended results on large scale multi team projects. Implementing these ideas as a designer at HOK, Michael innovated technologies in design and construction. Since 2010, he has been a visionary working with owners and end users to use VDC processes aligned to business and financial systems, enhancing operational outcomes in design, construction, retail, healthcare, multifamily, real estate, operations and property management.
Mike Briggs experience spans supply chain, construction, maintenance, compliance, operations, consulting, and leadership of global organizations. In all cases he has witnessed how information has enabled beneficial change. His vision is to provide owners and operators with the information they need to make the best decision to advance their endeavors and unleash innovation. He sees the construction industry as particularly in need of advancement, with tremendous pent up value awaiting data infused innovation. As a veteran of supply chain advancement, he understands that the pathway to the improved flow of goods and money is paved with information.
Kisti Filipkowski has over 13 years of industry experience in supply chain planning, construction project management, and delivering full lifecycle projects; all with multiple business groups, technologies, and cross functional teams. Kristi’s emphasis on teamwork, innovation and collaboration make each project a success, while utilizing an in-depth blend of business, operations and technology expertise. She works closely with business partners to formulate strategy and approach to business problems, effectively planning, organizing and executing each project.
Paul Furbish has over 21 years of professional experience in database and application execution systems solution architecture, development, and implementation. He had key roles in the development of the management systems from Manhattan Associates and Kurt Salmon Associates. Both organizations were focused on serving wholesale and multi-channel companies. He was the primary solutions architect for Manhattan's web based trading partner management, supply chain inventory visibility, and asset management products. He was involved in numerous enhancements to Manhattan's distributed order management, transportation management, and business intelligence products. Paul now specializes in delivering solutions and integration services for complex, high volume systems as well as development of applications for the construction industry.
Glenn Shimamoto has over 30 years of experience leading technology, risk management and business resiliency programs at leading financial services firms including JP Morgan, Deutsche Bank, Bankers Trust and Mellon Bank. He has designed and deployed large-scale global systems to connect-the-dots and bring together disparate information sources for unified, cross-field decision making from all business perspectives. His recent focus has been on strategic business process analysis and re-design, leading to technology architectures that provide both near term efficiency gains and sustainable competitive advantage.
We streamline and optimize operations in construction and supply chains