Uncovering barriers to innovation.

At Beam, we specialize in providing our clients with a clear picture. Our services range from planning to optimizing technologies used in the development of projects.

Strategic consulting

  • Corporate real estate strategies

  • Owner project requirements

  • BIM/VDC implementation

  • Supply chain solutions

Process design & implementation

  • Cost analysis

    • Quantity surveying & estimation

    • Cost segregation

    • Schedule of values

    • Payment application

  • Facility operations & maintenance

    • O&M process analysis and modeling

    • Space management

    • Asset management & tracking

    • Building systems instrumentation tracking

    • Distribution and warehouse management

Technology optimization

  • Project information exchange for:

    • Design

    • Procurement

    • Construction

    • Commissioning

    • Facilities management

  • Dashboard reporting analytics


Project requirements authoring

Owners have specific goals that must transform into requirements to ensure their projects yield information exchanges and quantifiable results. We author guidance, align project execution planning, and measure outcomes to ensure that value is achieved.

Collaborative implementation planning

As strategy, process, and technology converge towards value creation, we design and implement processes to realize client goals. We simplify digital project implementations, enabling collaboration to yield streamlined information exchanges that keep focus on scope, schedule, and budget. By structuring digital project protocols and promoting collaborative behavior on projects, we believe innovative and new techniques provide opportunity for innovation.

Cost analysis & tax optimization

Today's project tools produce vast amounts of data useful for cost analysis. By seeding required financial insights at the beginning, the project provides clearly defined space, system, and asset costs that speeds and refines financial reporting and tax segregation.

Supply chain

Optimized flow of goods, information, and money are the building blocks of a well designed supply chain. We integrate macro and micro considerations when contouring processes that absorb, create, and share information to optimize transparency and enable supply chain priorities.

Project life cycle analytics & reporting

Budget, financial, and schedule management is integral to success and involves many systems. We implement information strategies that provide interactive and stratified dashboards to be shared across enterprises.

Asset handover

Project teams today use sophisticated software to design, build, and operate. By implementing requirements and digital processes, we enable asset handover that is earlier, lower cost, and measurable. This optimizes quality control, commissioning, compliance, and closeout, which elevates value for both the project team and the owner.