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 Design Professionals
 •Client requirements definitions
 •Information exchange optimization
 •Process development
 •Collaboration methodologies

System and data interoperability | Waste reduction and redundancy elimination | Problem seeking and value discovery | Organizational success

 Facility Operators
 •Definition of operational data requirements
 •Operational assessment
 •Technology requirements definitions
 •Mobile field tools and data integration

We work with your organization to find the innovations that you seek.


 Facility Owners
 •Beneficial grasp of AECO data
 •Definition of project data requirements
 •Peer review, research and education
 •Services optimization

 •VDC strategy and process design
 •Collaboration methodologies
 •Data driven operational requirements and reporting

We develop strategies and deploy techniques that unleash efficiencies through improved process and information flows.

•Product catalogues
•Tiered VDC attributes
•Open standards integration
•Product to market advancement

 AEC Supply Chain & Logistics
 •AEC commerce and fulfillment services
 •Product VDC attributes  and catalogues
 •Integration planning and services